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Wellness massage course for beginners and home use. Learn techniques to massage your friends and family.
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Language: This course is offered only in Danish. You can read information about the course in English below.


Wellness massage course is for you who want to help others with being calm, relaxed and de-stressed. If you have family or friends who need wellness and massage, this course will teach you a few massage grips for home use.

Wellness massage course consists primarily of practical exercises and will primarily take place by a massage bench.
We will also educate you in topics such as the Nervous System, Breathing, Tactile Massage and Hotstone Massage. Also ergonomics is important. Therefore correct working postures at the massage bench will also be taught, so you’ll early get good habits and take care of your body when massaging others.
At the wellness massage course, we will focus on you who perform the massage – both the verbal and non-verbal communication, which lies in being in contact with an another human being. With the right techniques, you can effectively make a positive and meaningful difference for the person you massage.
When you receive a massage, you lie down without being active. You get a relaxed feeling and your heart rate will go down and your blood pressure will drop. Among other things. therefore, wellness massage can have many positive effects on stress.
If you feel stressed, a massage is really effective for de-stressing, as various hormones and relaxation will reduce the stress level and a feeling of well-being will arise in the body.
Massage is also good for pain and it can increase blood circulation around muscle groups that need this in which waste products have accumulated around muscle fibers.
Our nervous system is often on overtime. Through breathing and the encounter with man, you get some precise and useful tools to understand and stimulate the signals that deal with the nervous system.
You will learn more about this on the wellness massage course, as well as many more positive effects that a good wellness massage can give.

Entry requirements

This course is for anyone who is interested in massage.


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Pris kr. 4.000,-


Are you curious about whether, a professional career as a masseur is for you – this is also a good way to try it. If, after this course, you choose to register for Step 1 and become a Swedish massage therapist, this course serves a discount of DKK 2,000.-



Teacher: Thomas Raaschou, teacher at AM Academy

Educated as a Swedish massage therapist AM Academy. Subsequently graduated as a body therapist. Courses in headache, migraine and acupuncture. Has played elite football and been a masseur for professional cycling teams. Teaches massage / anatomy and movement analysis as well as treatment techniques in the sports specialty.

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Thomas AM Academy