Cancer and Massage

Learn how to perform the perfect massage treatment for people who have been or still are are cancer patient.
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Language: This course is offered only in Danish. You can read information about the course in English below.

On the Cancer and Massage course, you’ll learn how to perform a perfect massage for actual and former cancer patients.


Studies show that cancer patients feel a positive effect of receiving massage. When going through a cancer course there are many side effects such as stress, depression, fatigue and pain, all of which are side effects on which massage can have significant reducing effect.

The Danish Cancer Society recommends massage – however, they recommend finding a masseur who is specifically trained to care for these vulnerable clients.

Here you can read what the Danish Cancer Society writes about massage for cancer patients.

During the course you will gain a general knowledge about cancer forms, treatments, side effects and course. You will also learn about indications and contraindications of massage to the cancer patient. In addition, we will review the theory around scar tissue, lymph edema and skin sensibility of patients with cancer.


After theoretical instruction, we will practice various forms of scar tissue massage and general massage for cancer patients.

Take part in an educational course where you will be firmly equipped to offer massages to cancer patients of the highest quality.


Entry requirements

You must be a trained masseur to participate in this course.

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Price kr. 1.295,-

Teacher: Teacher: Molly Mørch, Somatic Therapist, Author and Doctor-Examined Sports Massager.

As a somatic therapist specializing in practical sexology and trauma, she also works with the body and is a trained Medically Physiurgical Masseur and Medically Examined Sports Massager at AM Academy. Molly says in her practice: ‘I find that body and psyche are closely connected, and it is my clear belief that change is not something that can be imagined, it is something to be experienced’. Visit Molly’s website.

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