Trigger points

With the course in Triggerpoints, you can supplement your massage with new effective tool, for treating tension.
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Language: This course is offered only in Danish. You can read information about the course in English below.

With this course you get new effective tools for dealing with tension.

Trigger points are a form of treatment used to supplement your massage treatment and are used to relieve severe tension.A trigger point is drawn or tense muscle fibers that form a hyperr irritated area where the motor nerve is connected to the muscle. This can result in reduced movement, as the tense fibers shorten the muscle, which can provoke an excruciatingly radiant pain.

Pain patterns will vary from person to person. Ex. Can a trigger point in the buttocks radiate into the leg, where a trigger point in the neck can pull up the head and cause headaches.

When compression of a trigger point occurs a pain that spreads in the same direction as the radiant pain.Tensions that will not release can often be alleviated by compression of trigger points, therefore the treatment of trigger points is a great tool to be able to combine with his massage.

On this Triggerpoint course you will learn the history behind trigger points, as well as how to find them and use them in practice.

In this course, the following:

    • Theory of trigger points and treatment
    • Palpation
    • Trigger point treatment in OE. Internship
    • Trigger point treatment in UE. Internship
    • Proposals for examination and examination

Entry requirements 

You must be a trained masseur to participate.

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Price DKK 1.295,-

Teacher: Susan Wichmand headteacher at AM Academy.

Trained Doctor examiner Physiurgical Masseur, Sports Masseur and Chair Massager with subsequent courses in sports injuries, Triggerpoints, Techniques against Headaches etc.m. Susan teaches anatomy and the practical part of the masseur training. She also teaches chair massage and trigger points. Susan is also a judge at the DM & VM in massage.

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Susan Wichmand AM Academy