ADHD & Massage kursus

ADHD & Massage

ADHD and massage course teaches you to do specialized massage treatments for sensitive children, with or without diagnoses.

Pregnancy massage course

Pregnant Massage

“Should I pay special attention to anything special, when massaging a pregnant woman?”


First aid for therapists

First Aid is important in case of accidents or the worst possible situations. Since therapists are often alone with their clients, it is important to always be prepared.



Hotstone course takes 5 hours and gives you all the necessary knowledge about this luxurious and relaxing massage technique.


Lymfedrænage AM Academy

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage specialist from Dr. Vodder Academy comes to AM Academy (DK) and teach Dr. Vodders Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).

Massage at cancer patienter

Cancer & Massage

Learn how to perform the perfect massage treatment for people who are or have been a cancer patient.

Massage af stress eller PTSD

PTSD / Stress & Massage

Get better at asking about needs and getting communicative tools to treat clients with stress and PTSD.




AM Academy offers a 50 lesson inspiring psychology course



Stretching contains theory about why your body should be stretched out and what it’s good for? Also learn to do stretching as a full treatment.


Chair Massage

Optimize your business! This course is optimal for treating corporate customers.



Trigger Points

With the course in Triggerpoints, you can supplement your massage with new effective tool, for treating tension.