Our history

AM Academy is one of Denmark’s oldest massage schools. Sisters Anita Søgaard and Mona Nylander founded the school back in 1991 as AM Massage School, with a vision to offer the country’s best massage therapist educations.

Today, the school is run under the name AM Academy, by the next generation Susan Wichmand, who has been an active masseuse for many years. Susan has been a masseuse at sporting events and a regular masseuse at several companies here among Ilse Jacobsen – Hornbæk, for whom she is still a personal masseuse. In addition, Susan has been a masseuse at Concerts in Copenhagen for, among other things, the 1980s and 1960s. Duran Duran and Lou Reed. Susan has made material for article in BT about headaches and been to Go’ Aften Danmark with the same topic.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality education. The best trainers will provide creative and inspiring teaching,as well as the latest knowledge in massage therapy and muscular therapies. We want to improve the quality of the profession, and fight for more recognition by, among other things, working to get reimbursement for massage through Denmark and that doctors can refer to a masseur. Work is carried out in these areas through the Danish Treatment Association, of which the school is a member, and the head of the school Susan sits on the board of directors.

At AM Academy, teaching is always inspiring. The teams are no bigger than that all students can be prioritized, thus taking into account everyone’s learning paths (learn, among other things, to remember the anatomy with funny straps).

Our goal is to ensure that you get a useful practical education as well as the best qualifications, so that in the future you will offer massages of the highest quality, either as an employed or independent masseur.

Since its inception, a masseur education at AM Academy, formerly AM Massage School, has led to jobs as a Sports massager and Physiurgical Masseur at, among others. badminton national teams, FCK and Brøndby IF, Team Denmark, the cycling team CSC, within company massage and many other places. In addition, AM Academy has provided masseurs for several events e.g. Zulu TV production and Coca Cola Zero event. The network we have built up over the years means that we continue to provide many jobs as a masseur to students from our school.

We also offer continuing education courses to Masseurs, as we believe it is important to constantly update your knowledge within the subject and get new inspiration and sparring for your treatments.

In our education and training/courses you as teachers will meet Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, medical students and experienced Medically Contaminated Physiotherapists. In an education with us you have regular teachers in the majors, and external teachers in the secondary subjects, all of whom have great expertise in the area they teach. The school has also attached a doctorwho has approved the teaching material and is an external examiner at the theoretical exam and who also signs the diploma.



In April 2017, Susan opened a large beauty clinic in the new district of Carlsbergbyen, as well as a clinic in Magasin Du Nord in 2019. Here we offer everything within care of body and face, including of course massage. You can read more about TAKE A BREAK Spa here


Can I get a job as a masseuse after graduation?

Yes. The job opportunities are very good.
AM Academy receives many inquiries from chiropractors, physiotherapists, health centres, etc. who are looking for masseurs who are educated at AM Academy. We provide the service to disseminate these posts on our internal pages.
Even handpick the most talented students and offer them jobs at the school’s sibling clinics:

  • AM Clinic in Kongens Lyngby.
  • TAKE A BREAK Spa in Carlsberg City (Copenhagen V).
Is there an age limit?

No. We’ve had students of all ages.

Do you need some pre-knowledge of massage?

No. It is not necessary to have prior knowledge of massage. Each team is no bigger than any person’s learning path can be prioritized by our competent teachers. In this way, we take responsibility for not losing anyone halfway.
If you have any knowledge, there are fewer lessons for you.

Are there any expenses besides the training price?

No. All material is included in the price. However, we have produced a few exercise DVDs and now also an “audiobook” with the theory, as an additional service in case of dyslexia.
However, this is optional whether you want to buy or not.

Can I have a full-time job while I take the masseur training?

Yes. Most of our students have full-time jobs on the side. You choose whether you want to start on day shifts, evening classes or weekend classes, on that bald you can adapt the training to your everyday life.

Am I going to be a doctor-examined masseuse?

Yes. AM Academy has attached a doctor who has approved our material and who is an external examiner at our theoretical exams.

Can I be exempt from VAT after graduation?

Yes! You will need 660 lessons divided into different subjects to be exempt from VAT.

At AM Academy, we have put together a VAT exemption course where we have organized modules built up tournusforløb, which you can sign up for to be exempt from VAT.

See more here: VAT exemption for alternative treats.

Do AM Academys educations count as RAB hours?

Yes. All training hours count as RAB hours. This also applies to most of our courses – however, this may vary.

Which Massage School should I choose?

We have no basis for assessing teaching at other schools, but as many new schools start up in a short time, and then have to shut down again, leaving behind students who have paid but not received an education. Therefore, we recommend choosing a school that has been around for many years, which AM Massage School has (since 1991). When you later apply for a job as a masseur, it is a great advantage to come from a recognized school with a good reputation. Normally you should be vigilant if something is free, as you usually get what you pay for, therefore the price of the education here many thousands of kroner more expensive than with us, nothing is unfortunately free. It should also be borne in mind that many schools market their way of teaching as the only right one, and that is also fine, but someone also downgrades teaching in other schools, which we think should be abstained from. An example is whether the practical training should be carried out by physiotherapists. Let’s make it clear that a physiotherapist has a really good education and theoretical knowledge, but it is common knowledge that they hardly mass massage any more, but use other techniques, and that is exactly what we do here at the school, where we have physiotherapists to teach these techniques, among other things trigger points, just as we have chiropractors to teach it, they are best at.

Why are our educations a little more expensive?
For us, a skilled masseur is someone who has mastered his theory while being skilled with his hands. This is obtained by learning about the body’s systems, the functioning of the muscles and the understanding of cohesive body. To be able to feel problems, know the solution and make a course of treatment. All this takes time to learn why our education is longer than most. Over the 30 years we have been around, we have developed an education that contains these elements and optimizes all the time in order to deliver the best masseurs to the industry. We continuously develop on our teaching form and material which requires resources.
– A longer education with the quality at the top costs a little more.