Get a job at AM Klinik

Start your career as a massage therapist in a professional environment at AM Klinik. You choose whether you want to start an internship or if you want to become self-employed.

Start your professional career as a massage therapist at AM Klinik and get practical training and sparring in a safe and professional environment. 

It is important for us, at AM Academy that our students achieve their dreams when ending their programmes at AM Academy. Therefore it’s now possible for all our students to request a job as a massage therapist at AM Klinik.

We sometimes experience that our newly graduates, can find it difficult to get started with their dream of becoming a full-time massage therapist – either due to limited financial resources or limited knowledge in creating create a customer flow, m.m.

By becoming a massage therapist at AM Klinik, you’ll only need to focus on the customers and delivering a quality massage – AM Administration will take care of the rest – resp. attract and book new customers (Marketing), logistic, economy, ect. 

Our dreams is for you to eventually create your own career-dreams – maybe open your own business and become a succesful massage therapist – thereby creating great ambassadors for AM Academy.


Why start your career at AM Klinik?

  • You’ll get the opportunity to start your career as a massage therapist, in a safe and professional environment, also be able to questions and receive feedback by the teachers, administration or colleagues.
  • You get access to an professional envionment, that contain all the necessary equipment and tools for you to carry out your treatments.
  • AM Klinik will book customers in your calendar, and do alle the marketing and administration connected to running a clinic. So you can concentrate on treating you’r customers, as well as training you’r techniques.

You choose whether you want to start an internship or whether you want to be self-employed:

Internship in connection to continuing education

This option is for you who have plans to continue doing courses at AM Academy, and also want further training and practical experience in connection to becoming af massage therapist.

During an internship at AM Klinik, you will do treatments, and practice techniques, in a safe and professional environment. Also you will receive a discount on Step 2 & 3 at AM Academy. 

Internships on 15 days grants a discount on DKK 8,000,- on Step 2
Internships on 45 days grants a discount on DKK 31,000,- on Step 3

Benefits of an internship at AM Klinik:

  • You’ll receive a discount on courses at AM Academy.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to practice the practical massage and treatment techniques.
  • You’ll also get the opportunity to practice customer relation and rebooking.
  • You’ll gain experience with the logistics.

Info! The duration of one internship day is 6 hours incl. 30 min lunchbreak. 


This option is for you who want’s to start you’r career in a safe environment with no upfront cost.

Likewise, you will be able to get started with your career as a massage therapist and gain experience in a professional environment.


Benefits as self-employed at AM Klinik:

  • No major start-up cost or risk (Deposit, rent, furniture, bookingsystem, towels, sheets, oil, m.m.).
  • No fixed rent as the rent depends on your turnover.
  • Minimal administration.
  • You don’t have to spend time on branding and marketing yourself.
  • You do not have to spend time creating customer flows/getting new customers yourself.

We offer a 50/50 agreement – where you’ll earn 50% of your revenue by requesting the amount with a monthly invoice til AM Klinik.

Thus you’ll need a CVR and business account to select this option.

Info! Please note that your treatments are offered at student rates. Also you need to be aware that you will have to pay both VAT and personal tax. It is therefore recommended for you to get registered The Vat Exempt therapist. Click here and read more →

How do I get started?

Request for a job as a massage therapist at AM Klinik by contacting the AM Administration via. Ziik. 

Note whether you want an internship or if you want to become a self-employed massage therapist.

If choosing an internship – You must also note which option you want:

  • I want the 15 days internship in connection to attending Step 2.
  • I want the 45 days internship in connection to attending Step 3.

As well as write which days / times you want to complete your internship. We recommend that you choose a weekly day.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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