General rules for RAB og VAT exemption

AM Academy recommends that masseurs achieve lesson requirements and become RAB and exempt from VAT, as it will optimize earnings and increase competitive position.

Do you want to work as   a Professional Masseur?

There is no official requirement for what it takes in principle to be and become a masseuse. Likewise, the title ‘masseur’ is not protected. This can make it difficult for potential clients to identify skilled masseurs and find high quality massage/treatment.

This has been the case with the Commission and the Member States respectively. The Danish Health and Medicines Authority and skat tried to counter with official registrations. Thus, it becomes easier for potential clients to identify masseurs who meet a number of training conditions and requirements for good clinical practice. Likewise, clients have the opportunity to receive reimbursement for treatment, from health insurances of an RAB Registered masseur. But do you find it difficult to get an overview of rules, training requirements and registrations? Rest assured – because you’re not the only one! Below are all the rules and structures that a professional practitioner should relate to.

If you wish to work as a professional therapist, you should deal with the following two registrations:

  1. RAB (Registered Alternative Treater)
  2. Alternative Treats tax exempt

The following are rules for RAB and VAT exemption. The rules are different, but have many similarities and are therefore often confused.


RAB   stands for   Registered Alternative Therapistand is formed by a collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Danish Health and Medicines Authority – to which trade associations issue the   registration, based on specific training   requirements, as well as requirements for   Good Clinical Practice.

Education requirements– If you wish to become a RAB Registered, you must obtain 660 lessons, divided into the following subjects:

  • 250 lessons Primary treatment
  • Teaching basic health law
  • Training in Clinic Guidance
  • Teaching Psychology
  • Teaching other alternative treatment

In addition, you are expected to provide good treatment for your clients, as well as handle good daily operations. You must comply with the trade association’s code of good clinical practice, which requires you to keep up to date with your knowledge and professionalism.

Benefits of RAB registration:

  • RAB is considered a verification of your quality as a therapist, as you show a high level of education.
  • You keep your quality high when continuing training.
  • You can receive clients who receive subsidies for the treatment of private health insurance.
  • You can receive clients who receive subsidies for the treatment of ‘health insurance denmark’ (This does not apply to Masseurs, but to other therapists such as therapists. Reflexologists, m.m.).
  • Rab allows for VAT exemption (However, you should be aware that not all therapies can be exempt from VAT).

Application for RAB registration
You must contact your trade association and request RAB Registration. Read more about rab registration procedures on the Danish Treatment Association’s website →

Don’t want to be a member of a trade association? You cannot obtain a RAB registration.

Exempt From Vat Processing

According to Section 13(1) of the VAT Act, the vat code is to be applied in accordance with the provisions of the VAT Act. 1 alternative practitioners (including masseurs) may be exempt from VAT. This assumes that 2 conditions are met before you can be exempt from VAT. You must meet specific training and treatment requirements.

Training requirements – If you wish to be exempt from VAT treatment, you must obtain 660 lessons, divided into the following subjects:

  • 250 lessons Primary treatment
  • 200 lessons Anatomy and Physiology
  • 100 lessons Disease teacher and pharmacology
  • 100 lessons Other health education
  • 10 lessons Clinic Guidance

All subjects that do not consist of practical exercises can be taken via E-Learning, provided that the quality is similar courses in person attendance. In practice, this will mean that all subjects can be taken via E-learning offered by a school or similar educational establishment – except Primary Treatment.

All subjects are required to be completed with a attendance examination. You have documentation requirements and are therefore responsible for presenting diplomas, on which subjects and number of lessons must be clearly stated (The documentation must be in Danish or English. Certificates of formal qualifications in other languages must be translated into Danish or English).

Treatment requirements – As a tax exempt, you will assess problems and perform treatments aimed at treating or preventing illness or health irregularities.

That is, if you perform a well-being treatment or other non-health promotion treatment, this cannot be exempt from VAT.

Benefits of VAT exemption:

  • You increase your income without increasing your workload – then you earn more money from the same amount of work (see example below).

Ex. You can potentially use the difference to reduce your treatment prices and thereby make your business more competitive.

Application for VAT exemption
Simply enter the and change your registration.

Get vat exempt treats and earn 2 extra monthly wages a year!

See calculation below:


AM Academy can help you achieve training requirements for RAB and VAT exemption.

In order to obtain training requirements for both VAT exemption and RAB, AM Massage School recommends the following distribution of teaching hours/lessons:

  • 250 Lessons Primary Treatment
  • 200 lessons Anatomy and Physiology
  • 100 lessons Sickness teacher
  • 50 Lessons Other Alternative Treatment
  • 50 Lessons Psychology
  • 10 lessons Clinic Guidance

Read more about all our E-Learning courses. Our E-Learning courses are for all types of therapists.

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