ADHD and massage

ADHD and massage course teaches you to do specialized massage treatments for sensitive children, with or without diagnoses.
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Language: This course is offered only in Danish. You can read information about the course in English below.

At the ADHD & Massage course you will learn that letting the body’s tactile senses be shortcut to increased well-being for particularly sensitive children and adolescents – with and without diagnoses.

The tactile sense (sense of touch) is a complex sense with many functions, which, among other things, has an impact on the psychological and social contact with others, the precision of the movements, survival (recording of cold/heat), etc.m.

One of the biological functions activated by tactile touch is that the brain secretes the hormone Oxytocin – also known as the ‘love hormone’. Oxytocin has a great impact on how humans bond. Likewise, Oxytocin helps regulate the body’s feeling of happiness, stress levels (cortisol), concentration, m.m. Read more about tactile senses.

How does tactile touch work when you are particularly sensitive to general touch and sensory impressions?

For some people, touching the skin can hurt or feel very uncomfortable – these can be described as tactile cloud– which is particularly common for children and adolescents with diagnoses such as autism and ADHD.
Working correctly with tactile shyness can greatly desensitize this. Which requires slow action and sensitivity with a versatile pedagogical approach to touch, where you create predictability and meet the child/person where the child/person is currently.

The ADHD Massage course aims to introduce tactile touch and basic massage of children and adolescents. So that after completing the course, the students are able to plan and run a specialized massage course for children, adolescents and entire children’s groups – with and without diagnoses.

This is a practical course where you actively participate and even give and receive the kind of massage that you can master after the course.


Overall, the course will contain 3 main elements and be weighted as follows:

10% Anatomy and Physiology
20% Pedagogy
70% Practical Exercises

You will learn the following treatment techniques:

  • Pressure/Massage on Foot
  • Massage on hands
  • Storytelling on back (distant focus/direct)
  • Singing on the back
  • Ball massage on the entire back
  • Pressure massage full back
  • Ironing and pressing, back, and oil
  • Arausal lowering massage
  • Arausal raising massage
  • Massage adapted to the client
  • Face massage


The course is designed for masseurs, parents, grandparents and various pedagogical professional groups who want new knowledge and treatment techniques within tactile touching of particularly sensitive children and young people – with and without diagnoses.
Unique to this course is our good experience with the combination of students consisting of masseurs, parents, grandparents and people from different pedagogical professional groups. This combination often contributes different perspectives and experiences with particularly sensitive, which gives an incredible overall understanding of the area, as well as creates the basis for debate and sparring.


The entire course is in danish.


The course lasts over 2 days, with each teaching day lasting 6 hours. The course therefore contains a total of 12 teaching hours.

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Price DKK 2.500,-

Teacher: Anja Schandorff

Anja is a trained schoolteacher, AKT teacher, fitness instructor and physician-examined Physiotherapist. In addition, Anja has taken several continuing education courses within massage including children’s massage. Anja teaches anatomy/massage & Tactilmassage at our massage programme and she is a teacher at all our children’s massage courses.

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