Pregnant massage

“Should I pay special attention to something when massaging a pregnant woman?”

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Learn to understand the changes of the female body during pregnancy and learn how to treat pregnant women with Rebozo massage.

One question we are often asked is: “Should I pay special attention to something when I massage a pregnant woman?”

In this course you will gain a basic theoretical understanding of pregnancy and the development of pregnancy, since some physiological and anatomical changes occur for the woman. Likewise, it is interesting to understand the development of the child. In addition, the course includes the following topics:

  • Typical genes and problems during pregnancy
  • General treatment of pregnant women – needs and considerations
  • Seating
  • Oxytocin and Touch
  • Rebozo massage
  • Heightened attention and contraindications
  • Initial conversation and expectation reconciliation with the pregnant woman
  • Journaling

You will learn the following treatment techniques:

  • Pressure/Massage on feet and hands
  • Storytelling on back (distant focus/direct)
  • Singing on the back
  • Ball massage on the entire back
  • Pressure massage full back
  • Ironing and pressing, back, and oil
  • Arausal raising and lowering massage
  • Massage adapted to the client
  • Face massage

Entry requirements
The course is for trained masseurs or masseurs in training.

Course date
The course takes 5 hours and is next held on 10:00. November 6, 2021 at 11.00 – 16.00

Price KR 1.295,-

Teacher: Christina Maltby

Christina is a midwife from 2013 and her focus on the course will be to give you knowledge and tools that can make you completely safe and secure in working with pregnant women. After her education, Christina has worked as a midwife on childbirth and food reception until she started a private midwife business in early 2020 . Here she offers different treatments and courses for pregnant women and their partners. Including prena birth and pregnancy massage. With this background, Christina thus has both a solid education and a broad hands-on experience when it comes to creating the best and safest framework for treatments with pregnant women.

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