Welcome to AM Academy. In the administration you’ll meet following: 

Susan Wichmand AM Academy

Susan Wichmand

General manager

Trained Medically Physiurgical Masseur and Chair Massager with subsequent courses in sports injuries, Triggerpoints, Techniques against Headaches, etc.m. Susan teaches anatomy and the practical part of the programme. She also teaches chair massage. Is a referee at the DM & World Massage Championships.



Aminah Riis

Head of Marketing

Educated in communication and marketing, Aminah is responsible for planning AM Academy’s online communication channels and strategies, as well as producing marketing materials, analyzing and evaluating new business initiatives. Aminah also performs tasks for TAKE A BREAK Spa.


Our mission is to offer the best massage therapist educations. This requires not only to have the most competent team of teachers, but also requires that our teachers possess special skills and passion they can pass on to their students. Meet our teachers:


Thomas Raaschou

Trained as a medically physiurgical masseur at AM Academy. Subsequently finished as a body therapist. Courses in headaches, migraines and acupuncture. Has played football at the elite level and been a masseuse for semi professional cycling teams. Teaches massage/anatomy and movement analysis at our Masseur training as well as treatment techniques at the sports specialty.


Charlotte Wichmand

Charlotte has a Docters degree in Medicine and works at a hospital. She is also graduated as Swedish Massage Therapist at  AM Academy in 2016.

Charlotte regularly updates the school’s teaching material in Physiology and has prepared the e-learning modules Anatomy & Physiology, as well as Pathology & Pharmacology.

She teaches Physiology at Step 1 & Step 3. According to Charlotte, she is “Motivated to inform and impart knowledge about the amazing body”.


Molly Mørch

As a somatic therapist specializing in practical sexology and trauma, she also works with the body and is a trained Medically Physiurgical Masseur and Medically Examined Sports Massager at AM Academy. Molly says in her practice: ‘I find that body and psyche are closely connected, and it is my clear belief that change is not something that can be imagined, it is something to be experienced’. Molly is a teacher on our courses in Massage of Cancer Patients, Massage of Clients With Stress or PTSD and ADHD Massage.



Anja Schandorff

Trained schoolteacher, AKT teacher, Fitness instructor and medically physiurgical masseur. In addition, Anja has taken several continuing education courses within massage including ADHD & Massage. Anja Teaches Anatomy/Massage & Tactile Massage at our Masseur Programme and she is a teacher at all our Children’s Massage Courses.

Sofie Bech Christensen

Sofie Bech Christensen

Sofie has a background in the hospital system, but is now a trained physiotherapist and sports massager and is Denmark’s champion in well-being massage. Sofie has performed treatments in the AM Clinic and has previously performed various tasks at AM Academy.


Christina Melby

Christina is a midwife from 2013 and her focus on the course will be to give you knowledge and tools that can make you completely safe and secure in working with pregnant women. After her education, Christina has worked as a midwife on childbirth and food reception until she started a private midwife business in early 2020. Here she offers different treatments and courses for pregnant women and their partners. Including prena birth and pregnancy massage. With this background, Christina thus has both a solid education and a broad hands-on experience when it comes to creating the best and safest framework for treatments with pregnant women. Christina teaches our course in Gravidmassage.



Jacob Hansen

Since 1995 Jakob has practiced as a physiotherapist and today works in his own clinic, the Physiotherapy Team in Hellerup, where he has assembled a team of skilled therapists and coaches. Jakob has over the years trained and taken courses in both manual therapy and training, but since 2009 he has focused on improving his skills in functional neurology, among other things through Z-Health Performance, where he completed his Mastertrainer in 2015. Jakob’s great interest and competence is therefore training, pain management and lifestyle optimization based on the nervous system. Jakob has also taught in the fitness industry since 1994, where he has trained and held courses for many instructors and personal trainers. For the past 4-5 years, however, the focus has been on communicating functional neurology around the country, including at Conventions, clinics, companies and in its own clinic.


Kim Lund Johansen

Kim has previously served in the Danish Armed Forces, Police and Fire Department, both in safety and consulting. Since 2005, Kim has trained alongside his time in the Police Department where he has trained as a coach, team coach, training therapist, manual therapist, body therapist and ice hockey coach. His many experiences have taken him far and wide and since 2005 he has performed a number of different tasks for among Kids 4 Kids, as a safety advisor at concerts, training in crisis management and conflict management, as well as working with athletes in motorsport, ice hockey, golf, floorball and galloping.

whether he is dealing with his piece, coaches, making training plans or doing photography, the focus is always on the whole person and the collaboration between body and mind to achieve the full potential of life.


Martin Nebelung

Martin is former sergeant from the danish army, but is now a firefighter and first aid teacher. At Martin, you experience lively and committed teaching that gives you the knowledge and security to handle life-threatening situations.