Opinions of former students

At AM Academy, we make a virtue of educating the best masseurs and raising the level of masseurs in Denmark.

“The education at AM Massage School has meant that I have been able to start my own www.lyngby-massage.dk. I have used my qualifications from day one and the demand has been huge? I would always recommend AM Academy”

Lisa Bernt

“Exellent school – Skilled teachers and largely optional educational opportunities”

Rikke Valgreen Hellegård

“They are very professionals”

Brian Bonde Sørensen

“Has really been fantastic teaching, and huge praise to my two teachers Søren and Anja, who really know how to make us students understand and remember. Can ONLY strongly recommend this Massage School, they follow up on the students, and give just that extra. Susan has a really good school here”

Jane Micheelsen

“For me, AM Academy has meant a new start in working life as a self-employed person. I have been extremely happy with the teaching I received at school, the professionalism was high and the level as well. But the teaching was down-to-earth and present. In the various educations / courses I have participated in, there has been a good alternation between theory and practice, which I have greatly appreciated. I proudly say that I am educated at AM Academy”

Jacob Serup Lundsvig

“When I finished my education at AM Academy, and had to go out and look for work, I was pleasantly surprised. The first place I applied for, I got the job when I asked why they had chosen me, they said, first and foremost because I was educated at AM Academy, as they thus knew what I could”

Claus Cristofoli

“I am trained as a physician-certified physiotherapist at AM Academy. It was 6 intense months where one’s brain stood on edge, but just as difficult it could sometimes be remembering it all, it was 10 times as exciting. It is a fantastic intimate little school where there is opportunity to have a good and close relationship with his team mates. Teachers radiate desire and willingness to learn from theirs experience and if there is anything one is in doubt about, it is simply explained in a different way. Besides a good school stay, Susan has also been really sweet to offer help after graduation, if any been something one has been in doubt about. In addition, it is also great that the school offers different after educations”

Carina Louise Fryd Petersen

“I know I received a great education at AM Academy: – when an experienced colleague, after finishing a back massage, says that it is the best massage he has ever had. – when a professional actor, who before the premiere needs a thorough massage of the legs, subsequently quietly rises from the couch, sticks his fist out and almost with tears in his eyes thanks me for the world’s best leg massage. – when the clients, by the way, praise me and come again. – when new clients come on the recommendation of others. Every time I send a thought to Susan and Co. with thanks for what I have learned from them. I can, without reservation, recommend AM Academy to anyone who wants both education and training. www.stjernemassage.dk

Ulrik Kirkegaard

“In my massage education at AM Academy, I have gained a good and thorough basic knowledge, which has enabled me to help my clients to a better life. Have also taken trigger point and ADHD course there. The education has since led to me becoming even more interested in helping people, which means that today I have a part-time clinic and a lot of other educations. But the fact that I gained a good knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc., has meant that I have been able to jump directly on some other courses”


Maria Zeyn

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