Hotstone massage

Hot Stone massage is a luxurious and relaxing massage technique that is ideal for de-stressing your client. Take the Hot Stone course in a single day.

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Hot Stone massage is a luxurious and relaxing massage technique where the use of hot and cold lava stones provides an effective physiurgical treatment, which is ideal for de-stressing your client.

Hot Stone massage provides increased blood flow and improves blood flow to the muscles. When heat flows around the body and penetrates the muscles, a softening and relaxing effect is experienced, which helps to loosen infiltrations.

During the Hot Stone course, among other things, therapies and techniques are taught to work effectively with lava stones as a massage tool, respectively; How, when and what temperatures to use, as well as safe handling of temperatures. Sanitation, hygiene and contraindications are also taught.

Techniques and structures are demonstrated and you will receive both receive as well as provide treatments during the course.
There is always room for individual instruction and demonstration where needed, as well as questions and discussions.

Who can enroll in this Hotstone course?

The course is for those who are already trained therapists and can be easily combined with physiotherapy, reflexology, facials, spa and wellness treatments, as well as are and are especially suitable for the treatment of areas with muscle tension e.g. in the neck, shoulder and back. After the course of Hot Stone Massage, you are able to provide an entire massage treatment, you have learned to implement stones in your existing treatments and can immediately expand your practice.

Course dates The course takes 5 hours and runs over a single day. The course will be held February the 10 th. 2022 at 17.00 – 22.00.

Pris kr. 1.295,-

Teacher: Susan Wichmand headteacher at AM Academy.

Trained Medical examiner Physiurgical Masseur, Sports Massager and Chair Massager with subsequent courses in sports injuries, Triggerpoints, Techniques against Headaches etc.m. Susan teaches anatomy and the practical part of the masseur training. She also teaches chair massage and trigger points. Susan is also a judge at the Dm &vm i massage.

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Susan Wichmand