First aid for therapists

Be prepared for all situations and get the skills to handle the worst of the thinking with a first aid course.

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The course is intensive and focuses on resuscitation, as well as the use of defibrillators. The course is a mixture of theory and practical exercises.

First aid for practitioners. As a therapist, you are often alone with your clients. Should there be an accident, you should be prepared for even the worst situations. With a focus on a therapist/customer situation, the First Aid course is structured from the 4 main points of first aid:

  • Lifesaving first aid for the unconscious (Respiratory handling).
  • Resuscitation (Heart lung rescue).
  • General briefing.
  • Using defibrillator

You will finally receive course certificate for 4 hours of first aid (Heart lung rescue and use of defibrillator)

Entry requirements
Access for all and requires no theoretical background. However, treatment/client situations can be taken as a starting point.

Course dates:
The course takes 5 hours and runs over a single day. The next course dates are:

  • February the 8 th., 2022 at 17.00 – 22.00
  • February the 10 th., 2022  9.00 – 14.00

Pris kr. 995,-

Teacher: Martin Nebelung, Firefighter and First Aid Teacher.

Martin is based in the Army, but is now a firefighter and first aid teacher. At Martin, you experience lively and committed teaching that gives you the knowledge and security to handle life-threatening situations.

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