Swedish Massage Therapist

A comprehensive education which gives you a wide understanding of the body's musculoskeletal systems in a holistic way
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Language: This programme is offered both in English and Danish.

Become a Swedish massage therapist and understand the language of the body, based on the doctrine of physiology and anatomy. Learn how to perform professional in-depth physiotherapy massage as well as several effective treatment techniques.


Since 1991 this Swedish Massage Therapist education at AM Academy has been one of the most popular educations in Denmark. AM Academy is known for having educations of the highest professionalism. The training has been continuously optimized – and we have also added more educations.

Step 1 –Swedish massage therapist we consider today as the basic training in our 3-step-divided training structure, where all basic understanding of the body as a whole is taught

An AM Academy medical examiner performs in-depth massages and works with the entire movement apparatus. Here you get a broad education where you can treat all kinds of injuries whether it is sports injuries, work-related injuries or something completely different. You will learn to understand the body as a whole, how are the different parts of the body connected, and how to put together your treatment so that the client gets the optimal result.

In addition to the muscular, you will also learn to work with the connective tissue, which in recent years has been found to have a great effect on how the rest of the body is doing. We also discuss the impact of the psyche on the physical movement apparatus, as well as client/therapist conversation and postures. It is incredibly important that you use your body correctly when treating, so that you can endure it for a whole, working life therefore it is a big focus area with us.

Read more about the individual subjects/modules below:

Anatomy & physiology

Gain an understanding of the body’s basic systems and their functioning, as well as knowledge of the structure and functions of muscles, including the names, attachments and function of the surface anatomy.

Trigger points

You learn what trigger points are, the history behind and how to work with them.

Workpositions and exercises

We do exercises on mat to achieve the correct working position, so that you avoid injuries when subsequently working as a masseur.

Clinic guidance

What opportunities do I have after graduation? How do I start a company? How do I market myself? These questions and much more you will get answers to in this subject.

Practice / Customers

The learned techniques that have been practiced in the teaching of the fellow students must now be tested on real clients who come to the school clinic. All treatments are carried out with a supervisor present, so that questions can be asked and subsequently evaluated. In addition, we are talking about ethics, customer reception and sales.

Physiological massage

You will learn how to perform an in-depth structured full body massage, as well as to treat all problems in the musculature. You gain an understanding of the body’s connection, how to treat it optimally and what factors have an impact on how we feel physically.

Facial massage

You will learn both a relaxing, relaxing facial massage, as well as the many points that can loosen tension in the face and skull.

Connective tissue massage

Connective tissue has a great influence on the musculoskeletal system, which means that it is also important to treat this in order to get the most out of its treatment. You will learn different techniques for this.

Compression and vein massage

When fluid in the body is effective with vein pump massage, you get simple techniques that can alleviate the client’s fluid problem.


The treatment takes place on a couch and the client is wearing training clothes. In this course you will learn 50 min. Stretching treatment, where the large muscle groups are stretched through, which can be offered to your clients.

Sports injuries

Ankle sprains, ruptured fibers, pain in the shoulders, legs, knees and ankles are some of the most common sports injuries. There are two types of sports injuries: acute injuries and overuse injuries. 15,000 Danes turn to the emergency rooms annually with acute sports injuries.

Entry requirements

The training as a Swedish massage therapist (Step 1) is a user-paid practical training without access requirements. Step 1 is the basic education at AM Academy and is qualifying for Step 2 – Sports Massage Therapist. 

Next team starts:

Evening class

Class: Fys0324AE

All in English

Start: 20th of March 2024

Attendence Wednesdays 17:00 – 22:00

End: October 2024 (Holiday in July)

Day class

Class: Fys0824DE

All in English

Start: 12th of September 2024

Attendence Thursdays 9:00 – 14:00

End: March 2024


The price for Step 1 in english is DKK 20.995,-  / You can get an early Bird discount, if you make your registration and payment more than 1 month before the class starts. Then the price is only DKK 17.995,-

 We expect that the students practice the massage in between the classes, why it will be a good idea to buy a massagetable. This cost about 1.000 Dkr.

AM Academy offers high flexibility. Therefore, select one of the following two payment plans in the registration form. Choose the scheme that suits you best and we will adjust the billing according to your wishes.

Deposit Payment

Deposit kr. 1.995,-
Balance kr. 19.000,-

Deposit is paid upon registration and balance is paid before start-up.

Installment plan

Deposit kr. 1.995,-
7 installments of kr. 3.000,-

Deposit is paid upon registration and installments starts when programme starts.

 Early Bird

Make registration and payment at the same time and get a discount.

Ddk 17.995,-

Have to be more than 1 month before class starts.