Sports Massage Therapist

Take your massage education to the next level. Get practical learning about muscular treatments, kinesio taping, sports acupuncture
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For the first time we also offer this course in English

Become a Sports massage therapist and learn how to analyze and treat specific injuries/sports injuries.


Step 2 is for those who want to take your masseur profile to the next level or to those who want a life in the world of sport. Here you will learn about extended muscular treatment techniques, biomechanics, kinesio taping, sports acupuncture and more treatment techniques.

This is a very practical training where you learn specific treatment techniques to effectively identify and treat injuries. The programme is composed in collaboration with some of the leaders in treatment in the world of sport. The training consists of additional theory, technician and tools that are indispensable when working with athletes. Working with sports and people on the move requires insight into fundamental human movement patterns. Thus, in order to guide and help with both performance improvements and injury rehabilitation, one should understand what the person’s body is going through in that activity.

By understanding basic biomechanics and being able to do basic movement analyses, you gain fundamental competences to engage directly with the athlete, where you understand the sport on a deeper level. You will learn to analyze typical sports and frequent movements, and will be able to actively work with the athlete with a specific understanding of the sports activity. In addition, you will gain specific skills in manual muscle testing, palpation and function, as well as be able to put the knowledge gained into a specific sports-relevant context where the athlete is met at a high level.

Read more about the individual subjects/modules below:

Funktionel neurology

General and standardized methods to test the function and contrastability of a muscle, with palpation of protrusion and staple as well as fiber orientation.

Motion analysis
Sports acupuncture

Dry needling is a form of acupuncture for you to put needles in trigger points to optimize and speed up treatment.

Treatment techniques

You will learn to understand and perform several processing techniques, such as pulsation and stretching which takes place in close cooperation between client and therapist.

Kinesio taping

You will learn to understand and perform several processing techniques, such as pulsation and stretching which takes place in close cooperation between client and therapist.

Cupping og Gua Cha

In the case of unexplained pain, treating connective tissue can create incredible results. Learn more about the use of Cupping and Gua Cha.

Customer care

The learned techniques that have been practiced in the teaching of the fellow students must now be tested on real clients who come to the school clinic. All treatments are carried out with a supervisor present, so that questions can be asked and subsequently evaluated.

Entry requirements

Step 2 – Sports massage therapist, is a user-paid practical programme. To access this programme, you must have passed the training as a Swedish massage therapist (Step 1) at AM Academy, or equivalent training from another institution.

If your are uncertain if you meet the entry requirements? Please call AM Academy on +45 4453 5751 and we will help. 


Evening Class


Start: April 8, 2024

12 Mondays at 17.00 – 22.00

Last day: July 1th,  2024

Evening Class


Start: October 1, 2024

12 Tuesdays  kl. 17.00 – 22.00

Last day: December 17, 2024


The price for Step 2 is DKK. 10.995,-

AM Academy offers high flexibility, therefore you can choose one of the payment schemes below in the registration form. Choose the scheme that suits you best and we will adjust the billing according to your wishes.

Deposit Payment

Deposit kr. 1.995,-
Balance kr. 9.000,-

Deposit is paid upon registration and balance is paid before programme starts.

Installment plan

Deposit kr. 1.995,-
3 installments of kr. 3.500,-

Deposit is paid upon registration and installments starts when programme starts.


Do an internship alongside Step 2 and get extra practical training.

An internship of 15 interndays pays a discount on Step 2.

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