Learn Lær de ypperste muskulære behandlingsteknikker indenfor forskellige områder og teorier. Musculupat® uddannelsen opfylder alle lektionskrav for RAB og momsfritagelse.
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Language: This programme is offered only in Danish. You can read information about the programme in English below.

Musculupat® the programme is for those who want the best skills in massage therapy and muscular therapy.


As a Musculupat® you see the body as a whole but on several different levels. Based on the West’s understanding of the body’s physiology and anatomy, you learn to understand the body. In addition, with the traditional Chinese medicine (TKM), which is based on the meridian pathways of the body and the 5 elements, you can combine your knowledge and work with techniques such as zoneterpi, ear acupuncture, m.m.

In addition to the muscular, you will also learn to work with the connective tissue, which in recent years has been found to have a great effect on how the rest of the body is doing.

We also discuss the impact of the psyche on the physical movement apparatus, as well as the client/therapist conversation. In psychology, you get to know the Z-health theory and gain an understanding of the connection between body and psyche.

It is incredibly important that you use your body correctly when treating, so that you can endure it for a whole, working life therefore it is a big focus area with us.

We build on your treatment techniques with Myofascial Release, joint release and stretching.

After passing exams, you will have the opportunity to call yourself Musculupat® which is a protected title and may only be used by therapists who have undergone this training.

Read about the individual subjects/modules:

Meridians and the 5 elements

The Meridians and 5 elements are fundamental theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TKM). This theory has been worked on in the East for a hundred years, will give you a greater understanding of the body and another way of looking at it.


Treatment of the musculoskeletal system with reflexology massage.
special massage and pressure techniques are used primarily on the feet. Also, individual zones on the hands will be reviewed e.g. the back and neck.

5-points acupuncture

Learn specific musculoskeletal problems and systems.

Pelvis and columna

We are continuing to work with the treatment techniques from step 2. In addition, joint release of the lower back and upper back is taught, why do we do it and how. The treatments are carried out based on the theoretical knowledge obtained in, among other things, the median teacher. We go into depth with the functionality of the neck and work with the musculature in the area.


Learn to understand different pain forms, and gain more knowledge about approaches to treatment.

Motion analysis

We analyze from an overall view of the body.

Anatomy and physiology


Anatomy and physiology are read by e-learning. AM Massage School offers one day of teaching per month, where it is possible to ask questions about e-learning. The course contains illustrations, videos, questions and quizzes to help you understand the theory.

Disease training


This teaching is also E-learning and takes place in the same way as anatomy/physiology. It’s basic disease training.


The lessons consist of health psychological perspectives on health and disease. What psychological reactions are there to stress, anxiety, pain and strains. We focus on patient, treatment and communication.

Functional neurology

Learn more about Coordination, Balance and Endurance, based on the neuroanatomy (cerebellum). You will also learn about the functions and core muscle function of the cerebellum, as well as rehabilitation at a malfunctioning little brain.

Myofascial Release

With the help of gentle stretches, the connective tissue is loosened, which can alleviate lack of mobility and pain.


Moving and stretching is a new form of stretching, where you perform dynamic stretches instead of the old well-known statistical stretches.

Customer care

The learned techniques that have been practiced in the teaching of the fellow students must now be tested on real clients who come to the school clinic. All treatments are carried out with a supervisor present, so that questions can be asked and subsequently evaluated.

Entry requirements

Musculupat® training (Step 3) is a user-paid practical training with a trademarked title. To access musculupat® the programme (Step 3), you must have passed the training as a Swedish massage therapist and Sports massage therapist (Step 1 + 2) at AM Academy, or equivalent training of other institution. Not sure if you meet the entry requirements? Please call AM Academy on +45 4453 5751 where we will help you find out or put together a supplemental course.

Step 1 and Step 2 is for now in Danish, but we are working on a full education in English. 

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The price for Step 3 is DKK. 36.995,-

At AM Academy, we want to offer our students high flexibility. Therefore, you can select one of the payment schemes below in the registration form. Choose the scheme that suits you best and we will adjust the billing according to your wishes.

OBS! You should expect self-paid costs for books of approx. DKK. 1.500,-

Deposit Payment

Deposit kr. 1.995,-
Balance kr. 35.000,-

Deposit is paid upon registration and balance is paid before programme starts.

Installment plan

Deposit kr. 1.995,-
12 installments of kr. 3.000,-

Deposit is paid upon registration and installments starts when programme starts.


Do an internship alongside Step 3 and get extra practical training.

An internship of 45 interndays pays a discount on Step 3.

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