Stretching contains theory about why your body should be stretched out and what it's good for? Also learn to do stretching as a full treatment.
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Language: This course is offered only in Danish. You can read information about the course in English below.

Stretching provides everyone with better flexibility, better posture and can reduce tension.

Stretching treatments happens on a massage bench and the client is wearing flexible clothing. On this course you will learn to perfom a 50 min. Stretching treatment where the large muscle groups are stretched on your clients.

Stretching has been a highly discussed topic the  recent years. In the past, people believed that stretching improves the restitution after sports, and it was therefore a normal part of all sports practice.

When it became known that this was not the case, the vast majority stopped stretching out, forgetting that stretching is good for much else, including flexibility and elasticity.

The newest in stretching in the world is Stretching Labs, which is clinics where you book stretching treatments and gets stretched from head to toe.

You will learn:

  • Theory of stretching – why should we stretch out and what is it good for
  • Contraindications
  • Assisted stretch on bric (Static stretch and dynamic stretch)

Entry requirements
You must be a trained masseur to participate.

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Price DKK 1.295,-

Teacher: Sofie Bech Christensen

Sofie har en baggrund i sygehusvæsenet og er ligeledes uddannet Lægeeksamineret Fysiurgisk Massør og Lægeeksamineret Sportsmassør hos AM Academy. Sofie har vundet danmarksmesterskab i velværemassage og har taget flere forskellige kurser også i udlandet. Bl.a. er hun certificeret “Stretch terapist” og underviser bl.a. i Stretching hos AM Academy.

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Sofie Bech Christensen