PTSD/Stress and Massage

Learn new communicative techniques and become better at asking about needs of clients with stress and PTSD.
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Language: This course is offered only in Danish. You can read information about the course in English below.

PTSD/Stress and Massage? How do you work with a client with stress and PTSD, and what precautions should you take as a therapist?


Learn theories about how to work with clients with stress or PTSD, as well as specific massage techniques for this type of clients, focusing on getting down into the parasympathetic with rocking movements from Thai yoga massage, assisted stretching, tactile massage. Likewise, you will learn which types of massages should be avoided and why.

You will learn a number of questioning techniques are used for this type of clients to increase the chance of good treatment, to ensure a treatment where the client is in and not dissomatic or retraumatized.

How do we read the signs at the client?’ What is important to watch out for (breathing, facial mimicry, facial color, body tension, vocabulary).

Learn to feel what you want and about communicating as a recipient. During the course, exercises are taught how to feel what you want in massage contact and how to work with expressing this. Partly to feel what they themselves are good at, and partly to feel how challenging it can be to be a client even for someone who may not have a hard time.

Entry requirements

The course is for those who are already trained therapists and can be easily combined with physiotherapy, reflexology, facials, spa and wellness treatments, as well as are and are especially suitable for treating areas with muscle tension e.g. in the neck, shoulder and back.

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Price DKK 1,295,-

Teacher: Teacher: Molly Mørch, Somatic Therapist, Author and Doctor-Examined Sports Massager.

As a somatic therapist specializing in practical sexology and trauma, she also works with the body and is a trained Medically Physiurgical Masseur and Medically Examined Sports Massager at AM Academy. Molly says in her practice: ‘I find that body and psyche are closely connected, and it is my clear belief that change is not something that can be imagined, it is something to be experienced’. Visit Molly’s website.

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