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AM Academy is the oldest massage school in Denmark – est. 1991

In 1991, sisters Anita and Mona AM Massage Skole started with a thought of raising the level of masseurs in Denmark. In 2021, the name was changed to AM Academy, to also offer courses in English. Our mission is to offer the highest quality education. At AM Academy, the country’s best masseurs are trained, as you will find with us the best teachers who provide creative and inspiring teaching. Our goal is to provide our students with a useful and practical education as well as the best qualifications, so that in the future they will offer massages of the highest quality both as an employed or independent masseur. We strive to offer Denmark’s best masseur education and do not compromise on quality. At AM Academy, you get an education for life, as we take you by the hand and help you all the way to the finish line with your new career. Below you can read 4 good reasons why you should take your education at AM Academy:


Highest quality

AM Academy offers the country’s longest masseur educations and since 1991 has further developed our own teaching materials, which are continuously adapted to the industry’s development and take into account everyone’s learning pathways.


Good job opportunities

With our many years in the industry and a well-established reputation, we experience a generally high demand for masseurs who are trained with us. We are also happy to help you achieve your dreams of becoming self-employed or finding the right job.


Small teams

We have max. 12 students per class. The teams are no bigger than that everyone’s learning pathways can be taken into account, which we have also incorporated into our teaching materials, for example. Videos, puzzle and memory games. We therefore also have room for students with special needs.    

RAB & VAT exemption

We have built the health management lesson requirements for RAB &VAT exemption into our step-by-step training structure. Likewise, we offer RAB lessons to students from outside.

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How to become RAB?

AM Academy helps you get an overview of rules, education requirements, etc.m. RAB &VAT exemption. The rules are not exactly the same for rab or VAT exemption, but have many similarities and are therefore often confused. There is no legal requirement for what it takes in principle to be and become a masseuse. Likewise, the title “masseur” is not protected. This can make it difficult for potential clients to identify skilled masseurs and find high quality massage/treatment.

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Are you already a trained masseur? Can we help you achieve training requirements for RAB &VAT exemption.

Are you thinking of becoming a masseuse? We advise you to choose an education where rab &vat exemption training requirements are incorporated into the lesson structure.

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